If you are an individual who would like to volunteer your skills, creativity and time, consider yourself a selfless nurturer, love children’s books or are a natural story-teller, we would like to hear from you.

Educators: Individuals with training in pedagogical methods, experience with young learners, literacy, maths, physical education and arts teachers.

Workshops: We also welcome filmmakers, photographers, visual and performing artists, designers, puppeteers and musicians on board.

Please drop a note to avalokitesvaratrust[at]gmail.com.
Happy New Year! We’ve been receiving lots of inquiries into volunteering and collaborating with us for 2016. As winter has set in and schools are on a vacation (until mid-March), we are yet to finalise plans and shall be utilising this time to do so. We shall let you know about future developments thereafter. Please watch this space for future updates and volunteer application forms. Thank you!

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