Tangtse Govt. Middle School

The school is situated at relatively higher altitude than Tangste or Tharuk, it rests amidst taller hills. It was colder and windier, and this was the most fun experience we were to take home. Shachukul Gonpa School was our third library in Durbuk block and we were setting up a library for young monks. The naughty yet smart monks had disguise of extremely cute smiles, which left us with no option but to adore them and have lot of fun teaching playing with them.

After working together for many days the team had great synergy by now. We were at work quickly and each one knew what was to be done. Because of this reason we had set up library in Shachukul Gonpa School in what can be called record time, of course the teachers and monks were immensely helpful.

Maths workshop and story reading and art workshop followed as a usual ritual. We also had enough time to play football and toss Frisbee.

Before we bid adieu we were presented khataks and acknowledged by principal for the library, it not just reenergised us, it made us feel ‘we can/should do more [much more] work’. With a hope and promise to return we made our way through the hills back to base, Leh.

– Ashwin Nag

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