To support our on going work in Ladakh, we need sustainable funding. 

Here are some of activities that require your support. Please fill in the form below for more information and we will get back to you soon.


  • Implementing health and hygiene modules Children here are prone to respiratory and skin problems due to the dry cold climate in Ladakh. There is a lack of hygiene awareness and facilities. We conduct fun and friendly modules for children which educate them in basic hygiene and its importance. We also provide toothbrushes, child-friendly soap, handwash, cream and lotion, washcloths, etc. We would like to conduct routine health check-ups in the future. You may donate towards this cause by emailing us with the subject: Donate- Health and hygiene.
  • Empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources and training programmes One long term process is introducing and empowering local teachers with ideas, methods and resources to encourage creative and experience-based learning, expanding the focus beyond curricular rote-learning. This is done through both organised workshops and the gradual building of a personal network of trained volunteers and interested teachers. You may donate towards this cause by emailing us with the subject: Donate- Teacher training
  • Volunteer programmes The volunteer programme primarily focuses on learning modules in the areas of language, maths and arts. We orient and train volunteers with a structured pedagogy. They are then appointed to teach children and train teachers at schools with these approaches to learning. We do not charge for volunteering and try to provide basic facilities of transport, food and lodging. You may donate towards this cause by emailing us with the subject: Donate-Volunteer programmes
  • Pedagogical material, educational games and sports equipment This includes mathematical kits for pre-primary and primary schools that introduce number operations and logical abilities to the students, flash cards and language aids to assist effective    learning in our reading programmes and equipment for sports and outdoor games. You may donate towards this cause by emailing us with the subject: Donate- School materials
  • Translating and publishing children’s books We are interested in publishing translations of selective childrens’ books in local languages. Our first is a Ladakhi translation of ‘Chuskit goes to School’, in collaboration with Pratham Books. You may donate towards this cause by emailing us with the subject: Donate- Books

Avalokitesvara Trust is a registered charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible for Indian residents under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 



The books are carefully selected by the team according to suitability for Ladakhi children. These include 3 levels of reading based on age-group and ability. The books are  in English, Hindi, Ladakhi and Urdu. Some books are also bilingual (English-Hindi).

One, we have chosen books from publishers such as Pratham, Katha, Tulika, Tara Books, etc, which we use in our reading rooms. Please email us and we can provide you with the price list, You may donate the respective amount or buy the books directly from the publisher giving our reference. They will send the books directly to us in Leh.

Two, you can place order from our Flipkart wishlist, by clicking on the link below


And three, you may also send in second-hand books that are in good condition, keeping the suitability for children in mind. Please send us the list of books with details. We shall shortlist the books and provide you with the shipping address in Leh.

Sponsor a library

The reading rooms are set up in existing schools, repainted and refurbished with traditional style reading desks and shelves. We personally design and construct the furniture, floor cushions, repaint and refurbish spaces to make them child-friendly and enjoyable for children. We then complete them with delightful books and teaching aids. To sponsor reading rooms, please fill in the form below.

Sponsor a Child

In special cases, we sponsor a child’s education and upbringing.

Rehabilitation of a school or a reading room

Sometimes when a school is in need of reconstruction, plastering, roofing or flooring, we take care of such work to enable library setup. We are looking for funds, architects, designers, engineers for this purpose. Visit Rehabilitation to know more.

Gift a doll

We have collaborated and designed handcrafted Ladakhi and Balti dolls with Dolls4Tibet. Please click on the link to gift dolls –Ladakhi Doll



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