Nang Govt. Primary School

The teachers and students in Nang were very warm and they welcomed us with much enthusiasm. The headmaster and most of the teachers that we met last year have been transferred and the new staff is headed by a very dedicated headmaster called Naomi. Naomi is very keen to bring positive change in the pattern of education through her contribution. The office also looks very different from the previous year and now they have a small library with books, desks and shelves for which they are very thankful toAvalokiteśvara Trust. I had a story-telling session with younger children from a books for preschoolers called ‘Tails’. It was a lot of fun as the kids were so small. They actually recognised and could match the different tails that different animals have and that was a nice surprise and successful attempt. Tsering Dicky followed this by engaging them in a round of Twister. Naini had a storytelling session of Elmer the elephant with the older lot. – DEachen YAngdol

We went off to a tiny primary school in the village of Nang where there are 12 students and a small group of teachers. The team set about filling up a room with children’s books from around the world. The little students were very excited to receive them – Naini Singh

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