Abhigya Shukla is an Ahmedabad-based designer and educator dedicated to child-friendly learning. After initial visits to the region, she moved to Ladakh in 2011 to begin the Avalokitesvara Trust initiative, working with local schools. The work is inspired by her ideals – compassion and communication, good design and good taste, living in the moment – and the joy of bringing them into the classroom.



Deachen Yangdol was herself raised and nurtured in Ladakh and has a  deep gratitude and respect for its people, and insight into their struggles. Her bright and organised nature enables all the Trust’s ventures to run smoothly and with the added benefit of her gentleness and great humour. Passionate about education herself, she has studied both in Ladakh and farther afield before returning to offer her talents to the next generation, for whom she is both role model and teacher.



Kaizad Cassad is a practising lawyer in the United Kingdom and in India.  He has supported the Avalokitesvara trust since its early days, with his keen sense of humanitarian endeavour and progressive ideals, as well as legal and administrative expertise, and plays an integral role in our ongoing work.


Nishant Shukla

Nishant Shukla is a professional photographer and observer of life. Much of his work, which has been widely exhibited and published, is inspired by concern with the social predicament and outlook of his subjects, including underprivileged & marginalised groups. His talents and enthusiasm make an important contribution to the Trust’s work.


Ashwin Nag Ashwin is an engineer by training, and has been volunteering in initiatives related to education since  parting ways with his corporate career. He was responsible for building the Trust’s website. Currently pursuing MA in Media and Cultural Studies, he wishes to return to Ladakh more often to continue his contribution.

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