Lamayuru Gonpa School

‘On the 8th of July we setup a small reading room in the Gonpa school with the help of young monks and their teachers. The monks were very excited to look at the books and the games which we brought for them. We played a number of board games with them too. They were so keen that when we went to the Lamayuru Govt. School, they wanted to come and play with us again. So we went back to their school in the evening to play soe handmade games made by our team. At that time, the older monks also came and started playing with childlike enthusiasm..’ – DEachen YAngdol

‘Although it is my first time working with a group of children, I feel its great to work with Avalokiteśvara Trust. I am having many enriching experiences, learning how to organise things, how to work with different people and children. We made a week’s trip to Lamayuru and Rizong but those days went by so swiftly- maybe because we were having lots of fun with the children and the monks in the monasteries, while learning so much in the process. In the Gonpa school, they had a very neat room so we didn’t have to put much effort to set it up. We played lots of logical and mathematical board games with the little monks and we enjoyed all the meals in Gonpa! We also got a chance to have a blessing of the great Rinpoche in Lamayuru..’ – TSewang Phuntsog Tsnl

Our volunteer Shradha Jain, introduced them to a few popular board games from around the world (Achi, Horse shoe, Captain’s mistress, cross and noughts, etc) and demonstrated ideas for making their own game pieces with things found in their surroundings such as pebbles, bottle caps, etc. She observes, ‘Most of the children as well as elders weren’t familiar with any of the games I introduced (which in a way was a good thing). There was excitement and curiosity to learn something NEW in general. The expression and energy in the rooms changed as soon as one switched to a practical playing session. The grown ups often helped the junior peer group in understanding the rules for different games in Ladakhi.’

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