Nyemo Govt. Middle School

The very first library was set up in Nyemo Middle School. The school, in a village approximately an hour’s drive from Leh, has 49 students from nursery to Grade 5. The space chosen by the village committee, school and FoL team is a large, well-ventilated room which is also used to hold village meetings.

The room was in need of some repairs and was repainted, refurbished and recreated into a delightful reading and recreational area for the children.

Storybooks were colour-coded into 3 levels – RED for the age-group 3 to 6 yrs old; GREEN for the 7 to 11 yr olds and BLUE for children 11 yrs and above. The books are carefully selected for each level to suit the child’s reading ability. Amongst the books provided are wonderfully illustrated picture books and storybooks that evoke creativity and imagination, and reference books that enable inquiry into learning and discovery.

A set of shelves were lined up against the walls along with colourful wooden desks and wool-filled floor cushions. The children enthusiastically set these up in a creative and practical manner, keeping in mind the direction of sunlight and their favourite corners for reading.

The newly acquired library brought smiles to the school staff and parents and  the FoL team engaged the students of all classes in learning modules and story-telling sessions for the next ten days. The learning modules were on numbers, speaking and reading skills, art and library maintenance and display. As this was the first library set-up, it left us feeling motivated, satisfied and confident.


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