Buk Govt. School, Chushul

A library set-up, a reading session, a hula-hoop competition, skipping games made for a day filled with lots of joy!

Buk Primary School in Chushul is a small school located further away from the village and leaps into view after a bit of a travel adventure.

Early in the month of October, after spending three wonderful days in Puga and bidding the Residential School farewell, the FoL team travelled and stayed overnight in Chushul. Our warm and kind hosts compensated for the long travel, the wind chill and plunging temperature with piping hot bowls of delicious Thukpa and made us very comfortable.The next day was spent recreating the glass corridor into a reading room filled with colourful reading desks and a shelf full of delighful books!

The team shall return this year to spend more time with the school and conduct intensive learning modules in Buk Primary School.

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