Tharuk Govt. Middle School

Designed by Sonam Wangchuk (SECMOL), the chequered coloured building of the Govt Middle school at Tharuk reveals neither the number of classes nor the commotion of the children at first glance. We were here to set up the largest of the three libraries in Durbuk.

The task was big, yet it was smoothly and timely executed due to excellent co-ordination and wonderful team work. When the school broke for lunch, Sonam Gyaltsan had completed finishing touches on furniture, while the rest of the team had completed classification and labelling with help of a few teachers and students. Post lunch, Aditya and Sonam engaged the elder children with a maths workshop, the biggest workshop we had conducted yet, whilst Dechen, Nuala and Ashwin went on to give a final touch to the library. Before we could wind up, we had read stories as well, which inspired a couple of older students to pick up books and read to the little ones. Not to forget, we found a student who could hoola-hoop the best, doing it so beautifully and naturally we were in disbelief that she was doing it for the first time.

It was a long and exhausting day, yet seeing a big library completed revived our energy and we were ready for more the next day.

– Ashwin Nag

Very unique and light and airy it is. Soon the carpet was down and with some expert assistance from some older girls we eventually had the library set up and we found our supreme Hula hooper so far! After some story telling from the volunteers, we organised the little children into smaller groups with the help of one of the older girls and they led the storytelling of the little-ones. Delightful to see the attentive faces listening to each other, sharing the journey to wonderlands of the author’s creation. They were such skilled and attentive youngsters, most touching!

Nuala Power

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