Ratna Shri Phyang Gonpa School

The monastery school at the foot of the Phyang Gonpa is home to 25 delightful novice monks. The rooms here were poorly lit and in dilapidated condition.

The FoL team along with the monk teachers decided to replace the dark-filmed window with new clear windows, repaint the ceiling a bright red, whitewash the walls and change the carpets. These changes improved the disposition of the room drastically.

Later on , we brought in the reading desks and shelves along with books. The boys quickly categorised their new books into levels, colour-coded them and arranged them on to the shelves.

The boys were divided into two groups – A story-telling session of  ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ was followed by a story-board of vibrant collage work using craft and felt paper by the younger lot; a reading of ‘Tenzin’s Deer’ for the older group was followed up with poster-paintings. The activities took up 3 days and the results were very satisfying!


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