LAMO is the Ladakh Arts and Media Organization, housed in the lovingly restored 17th Century Munshi house below the Leh Palace. It is now a centre for arts of all kinds and a place to celebrate local talent and culture. FoL’s support for this organization is ongoing.

There is a library there which we have supported by adding 350 children’s books. As part of their celebration of local culture and outreach to young children, we also ran storytelling and -making workshops.

The story we told was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, and the collection of local children aged from 7 to early teens responded by making their own three-dimensional ‘giving tree’, celebrating all the ways in which we rely on trees.

We then set about writing the story of a river descending from the snowy mountain tops surrounding us into the city, and all the ways in which the river changes and on its journey and the various ways it supports life on its way. So the children produced a giant collage of all their ideas and made a story of the river’s uses.


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