14th February is International Book Giving Day


International Book Giving Day is on the 14th of February, a fortnight away..

We’re receiving an amazing response from all over India. Books are being carefully chosen, ordered and shipped to Dharamsala for our young readers at the Norling creche & preschool in Norbulingka and the Yongling school in McLeodganj.

If you’d also like to give a book/s, its quite simple..

1. Pick a book/s for the age group 3 – 8 years. You could send your favourite childhood book or choose from these
extensive wish lists:

2. Personalise your gift by getting children to write a note or a card for the readers or write one yourself.

3. Check to see if Amazon or Flipkart can deliver the books or speed post/courier them.

4. Sit back, relax and feel wonderful about the gift of book giving!

C/o Avalokitesvara Trust,
Norling Creche and Preschool ,
Norbulingka, Dharamsala 176057,
Himachal Pradesh
Telephone: +919825062969

Help us enhance their little libraries with good quality books, encourage the joy of reading and bring smiles to their faces!

#AvalokiteśvaraTrust #giftbooks #bookgivingday

And I’ll be sharing photos of the recipients and their lovely gifts!!

~ Abhigya

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! We’ve been receiving lots of inquiries into volunteering and collaborating with us for 2016. As winter has set in and schools are on a vacation (until mid-March), we are yet to finalise plans and shall be utilising this time to do so.
Please watch this space for future updates and volunteer application forms. Thank you!

Chuskit goes to school


‘Chuskit goes to school’ is an endearing story about a young Ladakhi girl who is disabled by birth. Chuskit longs to go to school…

Written by Sujatha Padmanabhan, illustrated by Madhuvanti Anantharajan and published by Pratham Books; it was available in English, Hindi and several other regional languages of India, but last year I had the idea of getting it translated into Ladakhi as well, for the children of this region. There isn’t much Ladakhi children’s literature available and in fact, the language itself is not much taught or written. We hope to make more reading material available to children here, in their own language.

Gen Konchok Pandey translated the book and Pratham Books reworked the layout. Our friend Nakul Butta, ran the Ladakh Marathon and raised the required funds for 500 copies The books have now reached Leh and are being shared with children of various villages, private, government, nunnery and monastery schools of Ladakh. We are happy to have collaborated with Pratham Books on our first Ladakhi translation.