Spituk Monastery School

The school hosts 24 novice monks from Grades 1 to 5.With the opening of  their new school building, the FoL team set up a new library in a cosy space that enjoys a magnificent view of the Gonpa surrounded by ancient Stupas.

A colourful library of 650 books, desks, shelves, floor cushions was set up with the help of their lively staff and excited students.

We also introduced the teachers to pedagogical materials that would make their maths and science competencies more interesting and enjoyable.

Since a few years, we have a longstanding relationship with the Spituk Gonpa School and quite a few reading and learning modules have been conducted here in the past. The students are a very enthusiastic bunch who enjoy story-telling, role-play and movie-viewing. An open ground beside the Indus river with a breathtaking mountain backdrop is where they go to play football.


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