Everything about Ladakh is Picturesque. We can spend hours capturing images at one particular spot before we run out of energy. Some views demand extra effort, like the one of Leh city from Shanti Stupa, Namgyal Tsemo or Leh Palace. During my visit to Leh this October I was fortunate to live and experience the serene view almost at the level of Leh palace, at the Avalokitesvara trust office. Located few feet below Leh palace we get a good view of Leh city and the snowcapped peaks across the Indus. More interestingly, it gives a closer look at the life in the older part of Leh. It was fascinating to observe the straw and mud roofs (some intact, some broken) and the prayer flags, and imagine the lives underneath. Looking forward, the snowcapped hills stood still with changing shades as sun moved from left to right or when the thick gray clouds showered snow over them. It was most stunning to watch the hills and the city on a full moon night. While the hills and the clouds were dramatic during day, the sky on a moonless night gives an experience of standing in space. Standing in pitch dark it isn’t difficult to get lost amidst billion stars and the milky-way. Some experiences cannot be captured in images or words; living at AT office in one such instance, though the low temperature makes it challenging to live, the perspective brought a lot of energy to beat the cold.


Leh palace on a full moon night

A view from kitchen

On a good weather day

On a gray cold day

Lanes of old town


Winds at dusk


View from the office on a full moon night

Images and text by Ashwin Nag

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