Some of the schools we are planning to work with in Ladakh are in a poor state of repair; broken roofs, crumbling plaster, decayed and broken woodwork, and other signs of serious neglect. In many cases, the original design of the buildings is inadequate for childrens’ needs, especially poor lighting and heating arrangements, for which even the most elementary modifications would make a big difference. Our work always begins with improving classroom furnishings and tackling cleanliness issues as a foundation for a better learning environment, but in these cases, more is needed. We therefore seek to invite and coordinate contributions from professionals and enthusiasts in architecture, construction and design to rehabilitate and enhance school buildings where necessary.

We need support for this Govt. Primary School in Pharol. [slideshow_deploy id=’814′]

The Government primary school in the Pharol village of Turtuk serves a large community. Unfortunately, the building, which was bare and ill-lit to begin with, is now seriously dilapidated, and in sore need of repair. Help us to repair the roof, replace broken woodwork, replaster and repaint, replace the jagged wire fence with a flower trellis, and make school a happy home for the children of this border village.

We need support for this Govt. Primary School in Youl.[slideshow_deploy id=’1177′]


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