More books for Avalokitesvara Trust’s reading rooms


It’s summer time in Ladakh! Avalokitesvara Trust has begun operations and a bunch of talented volunteers will be working with the Ladakhi children of several schools namely in the area of music, theatre, language building, film making, visual arts and environmental science. We shall be sharing their stories and experiences soon!

Meanwhile in our reading rooms, (yes we have 42 now!) the books shelves have a few empty rows. Or we need to replace old, worn out books with new stock. We are happy to collaborate with Pratham Books to add new titles to the existing reading rooms and maybe even create a few more! We need your help to achieve our goal for this year.

Here’s four simple steps for you to donate:

  • Go to Donate A Book Avalokitesvara Trust Project & click on ‘Donate To This Campaign’
  • Sign up with email ID or Facebook credentials
  • Choose the donation amount (₹1000,₹500,₹250 or amount of your choice). Fill in your details
  • Proceed to payment

Ta-da! We will be delivering your books to children across Ladakh soon!



Contribute, Volunteer, Come Join Us

Photo Credit: Angela Kan | Location: Lamdon School, Leh

Jhulley! We’ve shortlisted volunteers for 2015 and are working on lesson planners now. The application date has passed but we are still considering suitable applicants on a need basis. So if you are looking to volunteer with us, please email us for the volunteer form with the subject: Your-Name Volunteer 2015.

We are also looking for people who might not be able to travel to Ladakh but would like to help out with other tasks that are involved in the running of the project such as fundraising and curriculum development, etc. There are many things that go into planning a project and we require as much help as we can get.

If you are going to be in Leh during the months of July, August and/or September and would like to help us with administrative, co-ordination and office work, please email us at
If you are looking to contribute or make a donation, please email us with the subject: Donate/Contribute.

Thank you