14th February is International Book Giving Day


International Book Giving Day is on the 14th of February, a fortnight away..

We’re receiving an amazing response from all over India. Books are being carefully chosen, ordered and shipped to Dharamsala for our young readers at the Norling creche & preschool in Norbulingka and the Yongling school in McLeodganj.

If you’d also like to give a book/s, its quite simple..

1. Pick a book/s for the age group 3 – 8 years. You could send your favourite childhood book or choose from these
extensive wish lists:

2. Personalise your gift by getting children to write a note or a card for the readers or write one yourself.

3. Check to see if Amazon or Flipkart can deliver the books or speed post/courier them.

4. Sit back, relax and feel wonderful about the gift of book giving!

C/o Avalokitesvara Trust,
Norling Creche and Preschool ,
Norbulingka, Dharamsala 176057,
Himachal Pradesh
Telephone: +919825062969

Help us enhance their little libraries with good quality books, encourage the joy of reading and bring smiles to their faces!

#AvalokiteśvaraTrust #giftbooks #bookgivingday

And I’ll be sharing photos of the recipients and their lovely gifts!!

~ Abhigya

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